Company Vision

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field Inc. (CCWF) is a Nova Scotia corporation operating in Colchester and Cumberland Counties.

CCWF is helping to realize the shift in our province toward 25% renewable electricity generation by 2015. “Wind energy offers many advantages – it is emission-free, renewable, domestic, and relatively affordable.” CCWF shareholders are taking part in the vision of a cleaner future.

CCWF is owned by Nova Scotians, with the majority of shareholders living in our named counties. The company strives to bring economic benefits and environmental pride to its local area and the province.

CCWF is the first registered CEDIF in Nova Scotia contracted to generate electricity for Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Green Economy Future

Sustainable energy systems and jobs associated with them will play a significant role in our future. The Nova Scotia Renewable Electricity Plan realizes this: “Transforming our current electricity mix to one that is more local and green is important to our future energy security.” NS communities and companies are playing a role in shaping this future and providing benefit to residents.

Nova Scotians are being offered the opportunity to participate in a strong green energy economy powered by clean, renewable resources (such as wind energy) and increasingly based on modern infrastructure and smart energy planning. Future generations deserve to grow up in a world powered by cleaner energy.

To read more about how CCWF came into being, see our History.

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