CCWF Takes Part in Scotiabank Community Expo

Saturday May 18 2013 was the date for the first Nova Scotian “Community Expo” hosted by the Tatamagouche branch of Scotiabank.  And it was a success.

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field joined a large group of like-minded companies and organizations to encourage residents and visitors in becoming acquainted with activities and services in the North Shore area in Tatamagouche. With wind turbines turning on nearby Spiddle Hill and Nuttby Mountain, the whole North Colchester area was being powered cleanly.

The atmosphere was light and friendly as individuals and small groups made their way around the North Shore Recreation Centre arena.  Coffee and treats were available throughout the day beside the CCWF booth.  Meanwhile, in the room upstairs, information sessions drew audiences for talks on wills and estates, healing, home energy saving, property sales, and small business services.

The range of organizations present was impressive: Open Doors, Emergency Health Services, the Recreation Centre, Crime Stoppers, Dorje Demna Ling, the Lillian Fraser Hospital, Tatamagouche Centre, and the Tatamagouche Fire Department.

There were many businesses as well offering groceries, car repairs and parts, computer support, real estate, plants, home inspections, massage, fine carpentry, investment services, seniors’ care, photography, new vehicles, accounting, electric power, and masonry.

For CCWF this was an opportunity to stay connected with its home community.  As well, many visitors were shareholders and others were interested in when the next share offering would be available. In the meantime, CCWF continues to put clean wind-powered electricity into the lines to homes and businesses.

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