Wind Energy Study for Co-op Student from CEC in Truro

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field (CCWF) continues its connections with students at the high school level.  In April, one of the first students in Truro’s Cobequid Education Centre (CEC) Co-operative Education (grade 12) credit program began a twice-weekly work placement with David Swan.

Grade 12 student Raine Murray wrote a letter to express his interest in gaining an understanding about wind turbines. He was willing to volunteer the 100 hours required for his credit and he wrote that he would bring such skills as working as a team member and working with his hands – skills all young people should consider being able to demonstrate.

The new offering at CEC matches the same course available in other senior high schools in the province.  The course is described in general at .

The students take part in 25 hours of in-school preparation to better understand what it means to be in  a workplace (such as relationships, good manners, confidentiality), health and safety, realistic career plans, and using one’s skills and personality. Each student keeps a log of experiences at the workplace, including the employer’s evaluation.  They have to dress appropriately for the “job” and be responsible for their transportation.

Raine came to visit with David Swan before the placement began. He was accompanied by Denise Burgess, the coordinator of the program at CEC.  All three could see the advantages of Raine choosing his placement so that he could become acquainted with wind turbines in operation.

Throughout the weekly work experiences Raine was able to take part in many activities in the shop and on the Hill with the turbines. He learned how to operate tools that are needed in his chosen career.  He had to work hard and to think carefully about ways to solve problems.  There are always problems to solve and a technician has to build a set of mental solutions, some of which work now and many that are needed for an issue at another time.

Raine received good news while he was experiencing his work placement.  He had applied to Holland College in Prince Edward Island to enroll in the Wind Turbine Technician program.  He was accepted and plans to begin his study in September.

Please go to wind_turbine_technician/ for information about the program.

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