Tatamagouche Project

“The vision in action.”

The Cobequid Hills have numerous places suitable for the generation of electricity from wind power.  CCWF selected a location on Spiddle Hill between Tatamagouche and Earltown in the northern part of Colchester County. The Hill was relatively close to existing roads and power lines. Wind data collected for 2.5 years showed the wind regime to be of commercial quality.

CCWF obtained a 20-year contract with Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) to sell wind power into the distribution grid, which supplies electricity to homes and businesses served by the Tatamagouche substation. CCWF installed an 800 kW Enercon wind turbine, which began operation in July 2011. Local contractors and trades people have been employed as much as possible.

In 2011 plans were made for the next phase of turbine installations at the Spiddle Hill site under the NS Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) program.  Approval under the COMFIT was obtained for one additional 800 kW turbine and three 50 kW turbines.

In 2012 CCWF placed two Nova Scotian-produced AOC 50 kW turbines to the north of the 2011 site. In March 2013 the turbines began revenue operation under the COMFIT Power Purchase Agreement.

In 2013 the second Enercon 800 kW turbine was installed, followed in 2016 by the third 50 kW one (from Endurance Wind Power) to complete the Tatamagouche Wind Field on Spiddle Hill.